Terms in the SEO field you should know about

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any e commerce site and while most will focus on ecommerce, SEO offers a more holistic approach.

According to companies like Victorious, keyword research should be done for all your keywords in an effort to start building a list of words that make your site stand out amongst your competitors.

Search engine optimization is about continually tweaking your website so all your keywords should be targeted and considered for inclusion in the SERPs.

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SEO Packaging

Using SEO Packaging, the process of optimization is much more streamlined. SEO Packaging involves organizing and organizing keywords in a way that will help create the most relevant page on the SERPs for a specific term.

SEO Packaging is a necessary step in creating your first list of keywords for a site because while you may be focusing on the keyword itself, Google considers it to be a “particular” term, and based on the keyword, your site may not generate the most traffic.

By using a combination of two lists, you will create your website that better suits the overall context for the site or business.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are those which can not be easily condensed to one broad list of keywords. They will show the potential for traffic to the site, and in many cases, drive up the overall rankings of a site.

In the old days, keywords were very popular, but the recent shift has to be put into perspective because now a keyword is not needed for the most popular search term to be ranked high and get a large amount of traffic.

Instead of attempting to rank for the most popular search term, targeting the same keyword with a long tail keyword will yield your most successful site.

Long tail keywords can be applied to your post types and other content areas of your site to aid the search engines in figuring out the type of content they are looking for.

Keyword Research For Specific Sections

A website is not a standalone website and no website is worth anything without the content. Using keywords to find content that will deliver that content to the public is what drives your site’s traffic to page.

Keyword research is not only done for the specific page or sections of the site that you have a high likelihood of working on (e.g. the blog), but for every single section of a site. For example, the keywords for your website’s product reviews can go beyond your blog to several separate sections of the site such as the website, sub-themes, product information, SEO, forums, etc.